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About Us

Facing North, decided to launch its company to provide the best tourism services for the foreign visitors. This organization was established in 2017, started working as a local area tourism support company and latterly got it licensed from Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). After the commencement of regular operations it has not only started nationwide but also globally and has invited the foreign guests to visit Pakistan and specifically northern area. Our company is operated by a team of professionals with a tremendous experience in the nationwide travelling. Our team is capable of fulfilling all of our clients’ needs while they travel with us.

We provide all facilities for mountaineers, trekkers, tours, and tourists of other interests. We wish to start our trips with our best dedication to confirm the enjoyment and relaxation of our clients and end it sharing cheers and friendships. We hope to build relationships with our clients that will promise continued interaction, ensuring that clients use our services each time they visit Pakistan. Our team consists of experienced explorers who specialize in expeditions, trekking, and cultural tours at locations throughout Pakistan. Our team also consists of native team members from the Northern areas of Pakistan’s Gilgit, Hunza, Sakardu, Chitral, etc.

Mission & Vision

“To provide un parallel standard and luxury services to our foreign guests visiting Pakistan for travel expeditions”

“To become the leading foreign tour operator company of Pakistan to uncover the unexplored beauty of Pakistan”

Our Partners


  • “While taking a tour to Pakistan I was told not to go because of the uncertainty of law and order situation in most of the tribal areas but after landing in the country from the Airport till the day of return I didn’t find anything like that. My travel guides helped me a lot to explore the country especially the Northern regions and the way, they provided me with ultra-luxurious tour facilities including transportation and accommodation, has made my tour memorable. “Thanks to Facing North Company for arranging such a wonderful and memorable tour for me”.
  • “I have been brought up with the utmost love to travel and to go to the most incredible places of the world but I had never been into any of Asian countries before, and then I planned to visit Pakistan and explored its natural beauty with my own eyes. I had heard a lot about this country in which negative attributes were highlighted more than the positive ones and lately I realized with the experience that Pakistani people are more humble and hostile than expected".
  • “I was born and brought up in England for my entire life but I had a pressing urge to visit my homeland for once and then we decided to go in the group; my friends and I took the flight to Pakistan and we had already booked our tour through “Facing North Travel and Tours” and they provided us with extraordinary tourism experience and facilities during our stay which not only made our trip memorable but also the rest for us. Thanks to Facing North”
  • “I am an Adventure Journalist and also it is my hobby to explore and travel around the most beautiful regions of the world. Once, I was assigned the task to travel to beautiful country of Pakistan and my tour guides were arranged as well. “Facing North” gave me extraordinary hospitality and looking at my enormous task they arranged well-trained photographers and guides with me to complete my upcoming magazine feature. All thanks to Facing North and best wishes”.