Arts & Culinary

Pakistan is country full of diversity in every means whether you talk about landscape, food, culture or our traditions. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan where our journey starts, Islamabad is surrounded by beautiful Margala Hills which is the start of our mountain ranges.

In the North-East of Pakistan, at an altitude of 8200 ft, Hunza District is in Gilgit-Baltistan and is the center of trekking, trailing and climbing journeys. In an epitome of beauty of its lakes, rivers and waterfalls, serenity of valleys and wilderness of the mountains.

Arts and Culinary

Trip Rating:

Adventure Rating - 8

Tours that fall into this category will often involve remote, unpredictable and long journeys in emerging destinations. They can be incredibly rewarding but are definitely best suited to experienced travellers.

Comfort Rating - 6

You can typically expect a mixture of accommodation with some nights being spent in comfortable and characterful places, and some in more basic places, homestays or camping, especially where choices are limited.

Fitness Rating - 6

These tours will typically involve a couple of days of easy/moderate trekking (3-5 hrs/day) or perhaps a more active approach to a cultural itinerary. For riding trips see the Riding Information section

Culture Rating - 6

With this rating, you can typically expect a tour with a good balance between exploring cultural sights (such as museums and historical buildings) on some days and experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors on other days.