Pakistan is country full of diversity in every means whether you talk about landscape. food, culture or our traditions. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan where our journey starts, Islamabad is surrounded by beautiful Margala Hills which is the start of our mountain ranges. In the extreme North-East of Pakistan. at an altitude of 8200 ft.. Skardu District is located in Gilgit-Baltistan and is the center of trekking, trailing and climbing journeys. In an epitome of beauty of its lakes. rivers and waterfalls, serenity of valleys and wilderness of the mountains and cold deserts and surrounding by the mighty mountains of Karakoram and Himalayas, you can get yourself soaked up in one of the coldest regions of South Asia, offering immense picturesque experiences.

Is This Trip Right For You?

Please note that a more conservative dress code applies for some of the sightseeing on the city tour. Entrance may be denied at some sights if this is not followed.

It is recommended that you wear warm clothes, long sleeves and long trousers/skirt/jeans.

The Jeep Safari on this itinerary involves off-road driving through rugged areas - which all adds to the excitement. However, because of the adventurous nature of the journey and the rough terrain covered, we do not recommend this activity to passengers if they have any pre-existing medical conditions, are over 70 or pregnant.